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7 Employee Handbook Must Haves

4 Ways To Keep Your Interviews Bias-Free Even if we do not try to be, we can all be biased and partial to others. Some people connect with us right away while others we will struggle to make a connection. When it comes to holding a bias-free interview, there are some things you can do… Read more »

5 Reasons You Should Use Assessments Assessments are extremely valuable and quite possibly the most underutilized tool when it comes to hiring.  Companies need to take the extra step as they try to hire and have an assessment done for each candidate.  You need to REALLY know who you are hiring and if they are… Read more »

7 Employee Handbook Must Haves

Eliminate Habits That Are Holding You Back Are bad habits holding you back?  Discover success both personally and professionally by taking control over bad habits and making permanent changes to improve yourself. You have the power to create positive habits for yourself. Self-control is essential in breaking bad habits and it has huge implications for… Read more »

Wouldn’t you like to know how to secure an upcoming promotion? Imagine being able to tap into your supervisors thought processes and learn what it takes to get promoted. These tips will enable you to understand more of what bosses look for as they make their promotion decision. Stand out and you’ll find yourself in… Read more »

How Managers Should Engage New Hires

Top 3 Reasons You Didn’t Get the Job Offer Candidates often ask their recruiter “What feedback did you get from the employer, why did I not get the job offer?”  Employers are very reluctant to share feedback with candidates directly as they don’t want any repercussions when giving disappointing news.  However, the recruiter is often… Read more »

How CEOs Handle Their Power

  Exceptional Leaders know that full mastery of anything requires that one experiences both successes that reinforce and failures that deepen learning. Only then will one truly be a master.  Exceptional leaders build on their past experiences when assess risk Exceptional leaders celebrate risk-taking. For they know that it is essential to take risks to… Read more »

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  In today’s competitive job market your resume plays an important role in setting you apart from your competition.  How can you set yourself apart?  Here are a few resume boosters to help you differentiate yourself.   Besides furthering your degree or displaying an impressive title on your resume, there are a few simple, often overlooked… Read more »

Want to be a Mentally Tough Leader? Develop These 6 Habits Some of the most effective leaders are those who are mentally strong. They may not be leading with a specific style, but they have practiced specific mental habits. Outstanding leaders tend to form 6 particular habits. Lead With A “Serve First” Mentality This means… Read more »

What does your LinkedIn profile say about you to Prospective Hiring Managers? Your LinkedIn profile is an important exposure that needs to be well managed over the course of your career not just when looking for a new position. As a software industry recruiting agency, we share candidate resumes with potential hiring manager each day… Read more »

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Got Executive Presence? (Hint: It’s Important) Do you feel like no matter what you have accomplished, you’re not getting ahead in your career? Have you stopped to consider whether or not you have executive presence? It is more important than you realize and could be the very reason you are not advancing. Here’s what you… Read more »