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Top 3 Reasons You Didn’t Get the Job Offer

Candidates often ask their recruiter “What feedback did you get from the employer, why did I not get the job offer?”  Employers are very reluctant to share feedback with candidates directly as they don’t want any repercussions when giving disappointing news.  However, the recruiter is often told, and we would like to share with you what we hear as the Top 3 Reasons a person did not get the job offer.

  1. “The candidate failed to convey their Value” What we hear is: They didn’t get us excited about them quickly enough.  They didn’t speak to what they could bring to the table, or how they would be the best candidate for the role or what they could do better than other candidates.
  1. “The candidate was unprepared” What we hear is: They could not articulate what our business does, who we serve or what our “value proposition” is.  They did not know enough about us which told us they did not do their research.  If they don’t do their research, we will pass them over for someone who invested the time.  We at Neva Recruiting strongly suggest that candidates visit the YouTube page of a potential employer to see what is posted and important to the employer.  That message should become part of your messaging during the interview.
  1. “The candidate was nervous” What we hear is: They were not confident, they failed to sell themselves, they were not self-assured.  We advise candidates to practice, plan out an interview.  Everyone needs to approach an interview as prepared and practiced as possible. Do you have your value proposition memorized?  Does it speak to what the employer is looking for?   The more you practice the more confident you will become.

We encourage you to visit the Neva Recruiting website to see tips on developing your personal value proposition.

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