How CEOs Handle Their Power


Exceptional Leaders know that full mastery of anything requires that one experiences both successes that reinforce and failures that deepen learning. Only then will one truly be a master.  Exceptional leaders build on their past experiences when assess risk

Exceptional leaders celebrate risk-taking. For they know that it is essential to take risks to initiate change and to move an organization forward.

Taking risks is not only important for the pay-offs but also for the learning. For this reason, the Exceptional Leader is willing to take the risks associated with doing things that are out of their comfort zone.

Thought Provoker – Ask yourself

What is it you are not doing due to fear of failure, rejection, or loss?

What would you do now if you moved through your fear and took action?

What products would you produce? Would you give that speech? Would you leave that unsatisfying job, not knowing with certainty what is next?

Would you take the assignment that will be particularly challenging with high risk but also huge payoff, start that new business, make that investment now with an uncertain but highly profitable potential return in the future?

Would you make those needed personnel changes?

Be willing to take risks. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Move out of your comfort zone. The Exceptional Leader knows that taking risks is a critical part of the game.

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