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Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence In One Step Increasing your emotional intelligence is a skill you can develop.  So, how does one increase their emotional intelligence? Consider that people are generally more reactive than proactive which often can be a good thing.  However, there are times when you allow emotions to govern your actions. For instance,… Read more »

How CEOs Handle Their Power

How To Transition Into A Leadership Role Congratulations, you’re transitioning into a new leadership role! While this may seem like a challenge, there are things to consider for a more seamless transition. As a new leader, the first impression you make with your team is crucial. Get things started off on the right foot and… Read more »

How to Build a Dream Team In sports, we constantly hear the term “dream team” especially when there are several top performing athletes all on the same team at the peak of their career.  The coach was able to build a dynamic team that is destined for success. In the business world, we use that… Read more »

Challenges in Expanding Sales Maybe you started out your business with the hopes of growing at a certain rate each year. Now that you have been going about business for a few years, you realize your sales are not growing like you had hoped. In order to be successful in your goals, you need to… Read more »

7 Employee Handbook Must Haves

3 Takeaways for the Root Cause of Stress Stress is as evident in the workplace as the day is long.  Employers need to recognize this issue within their company because it absolutely destroys productivity and employee morale.  To define, stress is the mental or emotional strain that is the result of adverse or difficult circumstances…. Read more »

How Managers Should Engage New Hires

Reasons Your Coworkers May Run From You Workplace relationships can be complicated. However, you can avoid certain behaviors that will ensure your coworkers won’t run in the opposite direction when they see you approaching. Be sure not to act like this type of employee:  You don’t listen to others  If you don’t listen to others,… Read more »

Why Employing a ‘Culture Add’ Benefits Your Business Employers spend part of their hiring resources on personality assessments in hopes of finding the right fit for their company’s culture. While this is important to do, it should not be the only thing you look at with your potential candidate. When an employee doesn’t stay long… Read more »

Potential new laws are on the horizon that would ban employers asking questions about salary history during the interview process. Restrictions in Massachusetts, Delaware, Oregon, New York City, San Francisco, and Philadelphia have already passed legislation that prohibits employers from requesting salary information from job candidates. Hefty fines will be imposed on those that do… Read more »

The business world is focused on the need to innovate today. Try to be more innovative with your company’s culture, leadership style, technology goals, strategy, etc… One thing that often doesn’t get as much traction is Human Resources. The future workplace experience is changing. How does your HR department measure up? Are you ready? The… Read more »

What does your LinkedIn profile say about you to Prospective Hiring Managers? Your profile is an important exposure that needs to be well managed. As a software industry recruiting agency, we share candidate resumes with potential hiring manager each day and one of the first things they do is jump to LinkedIn to see what… Read more »