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Do your employees “get” and appreciate the benefits package that your company offers?  Statistics show that most employees don’t fully understand the value of what they have. Companies should educate their staff about their benefits.  How quickly they forget orientation day!  They were most likely too nervous to comprehend what you told them anyway. One… Read more »

As more and more young people are coming into the market, the larger the soft skills gap becomes. There is no way to avoid hiring individuals that lack these skills. Instead of limiting your hiring radius, build soft skill training into the culture of your business and bridge the soft skills gap. Determine What Soft… Read more »

We hear a lot about strategic planning these days….but does it work? Often we hear; my business is doing fine…I got here without a strategic plan…why bother? The answer; because your competitors are…and they are looking for ways to grow their business…which means taking business away from yours. Strategic planning is the process of creating… Read more »

Hiring managers look for similar things when interviewing candidates. However, there are some traits that they look for and they don’t even realize it themselves. Job seekers need to understand this in order to interview well and be seen in the best light. Hiring Managers are Only Human A company’s hiring manager is often quite… Read more »

Hiring is not an easy feat. When you try to hire for a manager, the task is even more difficult. The candidate that you select for a management role needs to be passionate, innovative, solution oriented, dynamic and have an exceptional work ethic. When hiring for a management job you’ll want to look for the… Read more »

As a software industry recruiting agency, we share candidate resumes with potential hiring manager each day and one of the first things they do is jump to LinkedIn to see what they can learn about a potential software sales candidates. Sophisticated hiring managers will look at the photo to determine if this person presents themselves… Read more »

In the United States today, there are over 80 million millennials. This age group wants to feel connected in their purchasing decisions, so they identify best with less traditional marketing tactics. They crave a more personalized approach and one that they can relate to. In fact, studies show that millennials don’t trust traditional marketing. Check… Read more »

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You can tell quite a bit about a leader based on how they conduct meetings. If you can improve the discussions, solutions, and team morale through team meetings, you’ll be more effective at running your business as a whole. Consider the following 4 things to get more done in meetings: 1.    Clearly define the purpose…. Read more »

Corporate Learning Will Be Transformed and Will Take On More Importance

Not all software sales professionals are created equal.  Some follow formal sales methodologies of the past like Strategic Selling or Solution Selling.  While those are still relevant an new methodology: Challenger Selling is becoming the most sought after approach and training that hiring manager are requesting in the candidates we place with them. Matthew Dixon… Read more »

How Managers Should Engage New Hires

Anyone that is a boss, a manager or a leader knows that strong leadership qualities are a must if you and your team are going to succeed. There is so much information out there on how to be a great leader; however, there are also things that should be avoided if you’re in a leadership… Read more »