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In today’s competitive job market your resume plays an important role in setting you apart from your competition.  How can you set yourself apart?  Here are a few resume boosters to help you differentiate yourself.   Besides furthering your degree or displaying an impressive title on your resume, there are a few simple, often overlooked resume boosters all software sales professionals should accentuate.

  1. Specific Accomplishments

Instead of listing job responsibilities, focus on your accomplishments.  When you emphasize personal achievements, you are bringing your resume from standard to distinctive. Try starting phrases with “took initiative to” or “introduced” and don’t be afraid to lay out the details. A quantifiable resume is easy to comprehend and it’s much more impressive to say “brought in 10 new clients in one month” than “brought in new clients.” Specific details are crucial for creating credibility with your resume.

  1. Awards

Awards have more function than just commending you for extraordinary work; they also serve as a third-party endorsement of your skills. Did you attend Presidents Club?

Did you Rank in the Top 10% of the sales organization?  Did you open more “net new” business than anyone else?  Were you the leader in client satisfaction, customer renewals and large contract wins?  Were you “Rookie of the Year”, or Sales Manager of the Year? These are the points recruiters and hiring managers look for.

  1. Certifications or Additional Training

Did you pursue any additional training beyond your job or education? Such as formal sales training, earning a certification in a methodology, Project Management Professional (PMP) or Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM).  Put it on your resume.   This is a clear signifier to recruiters that you are committed to your profession and continual refinement of your skills.

  1. Membership in Professional Organizations/Associations

Similar to #3, this demonstrates that you’re dedicated to your profession and willing to pay fees to do so. Don’t join organizations just for the sake of adding something to your resume. Be an active member—attend events, volunteer and network with other members of the organization—you’ll learn from those who are most active within your profession and you’ll have something to talk about in your interview.

Your resume should excite a potential hiring manager – ask yourself have I highlighted what is of value to them?  Consult your recruiter if unsure they will provide guidance and suggestions if needed.

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