Successful salespeople are not what they used to be. In fact, hiring managers are asked to find a completely different candidate than they looked for years ago.

If your company wants to win the business, then you need to get on board with Challenger Selling. This sales approach is essential and will guide your customers through the process in a more innovative way than ever before.

Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson wrote the book The Challenger Sale which talks about the importance of taking control of the customer conversation. They have uncovered the most important advancement in sales over the last few years.

Challenger Selling

Customers tend to research extensively before they ever speak with a sales representative. What does this mean for your business? You need a challenger seller that will take control of the conversation at their first customer encounter.

Challenger sales reps know that they must engage buyers in a unique way. They routinely disrupt their customer’s mindsets, loyalties and research by tailoring the discussion back to their product and purpose. They want to exemplify the strengths of their business and capture their customer’s attention with a fresh new perspective.

Challenger reps create a constructive atmosphere where they teach, tailor and take control of the way the customer makes their buying decision. Bottom line, these reps win in business.

Engagement Struggle

Customers are research savvy because technology and information are always at their fingertips. This has changed how they buy. Challenger sales reps find that today’s customers are harder to engage with. The struggle is real. They can no longer gain their buyer’s attention without some persuasion, debate and intentional interaction.

By the time, salespeople meet their customer for the first time, the buyer is over 50% sure of what they plan to purchase. Challengers have their work cut out for them but have the skills to swoop in and take control of the conversation. They add meaningful insights due to their superior product knowledge which they use to their advantage.

The Secret to Sales Success

The best salespeople challenge their customers. They are able to provide insights to problems and situations that the buyer did not anticipate.

Challenger reps push and stretch their customers in order to give them the best information and then tailor the conversation to close the sale. They are able to challenge their customer to think differently which results in a successful sales transaction for them.

Buying tendencies have changed so businesses must adjust how they sell in order to be successful in sales. The key is to hire challenger sales reps. Companies will flourish if you embrace and train challengers because these are the salespeople that can truly win in business.

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