Great leaders are hard to come by. Strong leadership seems to be lacking when it comes to business. A true leader is noteworthy and one to be watched and observed in action.

Businesses, committees, campaigns and plans often fail due to lack of leadership. How can we ensure that a great leader is in place? We need someone who will lead in a way that they dare to be different.

What are the characteristics of a great leader and what do they do differently? Here are 6 things…

Great leaders do the following:

  1. Lead by example
    Great leaders do what they require of those around them. They lead by example and act as they expect others to, as well. Great leaders are always on time. They follow set policies. Further, a great leader will inspect what they expect. Setting an example is essential in order to make a difference and lead a team.
  2. Always honest
    Great leaders are honest in all their business dealings. They are trustworthy. A strong leader knows that honesty is the best policy. Those they lead can count on them and believe their message completely.
  3. Stay Positive
    Great leaders have positive attitudes. The workplace runs more smoothly if there is an air of positivity. The “Negative Nelly” has no place in the heart of a great leader. Even when the day is tough, a strong leader will be positive, pleasant and solution oriented.
  4. Act Protective
    Great leaders protect those they lead. The best leader will take the “hit” or criticism for a team member. They build up the people that follow behind them. Leaders protect their team which helps them to earn the respect that is necessary for their leadership role.
  5. Remain Confident
    Great leaders exude confidence. No one wants to follow the lead of an insecure, uncertain, squirrely leader. One must be confident in their words, actions, solutions and expertise in order to lead well. Confident leaders provide a sense of security to those around them.
  6. Set a Plan
    Great leaders set a plan in place. They provide clear expectations for the goals of their team. In business we never plan to fail but we often fail to plan. Great leaders don’t let that happen.

Anyone can be nominated to lead. However, it takes a great leader that will handle himself and his team strategically to truly make a difference. Great leaders lead by example, speak truth, remain positive, protect and confidently set a plan in place.

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