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3 Takeaways for the Root Cause of Stress3 Takeaways for the Root Cause of Stress

Stress is as evident in the workplace as the day is long.  Employers need to recognize this issue within their company because it absolutely destroys productivity and employee morale.  To define, stress is the mental or emotional strain that is the result of adverse or difficult circumstances.

Not yet convinced that it’s expensive and detrimental to your daily, weekly and monthly goals?  Statistics show that stress reportedly causes businesses $300 billion in lack of productivity and medical expenses.  This info is staggering and employers need to come up with ways to help their teams handle the stress of their workload.

Consider doing an assessment of each employee in order to find the root cause of stress.  Not only will your team like that you care enough to uncover the cause but you’ll gain valuable information that will benefit your employees and business.

The goal should be to address what causes the stress rather than create a program that increases your team’s stress levels.  Check out these three facts that are helpful to know as you consider an assessment for your staff.

  1. Stress Levels are High

Around the world, workplace stress levels are at an all-time high.  Our country is not an exception to this epidemic of stress.  In fact, we need to be more intentional and attempt to uncover the reasons for stress.

  1. Team Building Events

Many companies schedule special events in an effort to “team build.”  Statistics show that these interactions and parties do not eliminate stress.  The lack of support from their team is not the issue; rather, it stems from a variety of other issues.

Consider surveying your employees when it comes to their stressors.  Ask them in casual conversation and even hold a meeting to discuss how your company could help eliminate stress.

  1. Stress Lingers

The hormones associated with stress can linger longer than preferred.  When you have a troublesome day, the stress does not vanish after the situation is handled.  In fact, you could struggle with a particular situation for some time after a stressful interaction.

Assess your staff via a test, survey or something similar to figure out the root causes of stress in your company.  The root causes may surprise you and be sure to consider these three factors mentioned above to get to the bottom of it all.

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