There is no specific recipe for hiring the right person.

However, there are traits that you can look for to secure the most talented candidates for your company.

Warren Buffett is a renowned investor and considered extremely wise in business with an advanced skill set that enabled him to build some of the most profitable companies in the world.

Warren Buffett – 3 Traits To Look For When Hiring

Behind every great leader is a team of dynamic individuals. This is true of Buffett. What were the traits that he looked for as he hired his managers and advisors? Frequently, he speaks at universities and explains he looks for integrity, intelligence, and energy when hiring.


Obviously, candidates need to be intelligent. However, you can get the grades in class but not know how to apply the information you’ve learned and retained.

Intelligence is the basic requirement to consider when you hire. No one will work with or hire someone dumb and unequipped for the role. After you have the intelligence factor, then go to the next trait as you seek to hire.


Energy is essential for any new hire. This doesn’t mean that you want the most energetic and coffee-crazed person working for you. Rather, you want an energetic candidate to take initiative in your company.

Lazy people don’t get far in life but those with drive and passion do. Employees that take initiative and are proactive to get things accomplished will likely have that entrepreneurial spirit that you long for.


The right candidate to hire should be intelligent and energetic. There is one missing and yet very important trait to be considered…Integrity.

Integrity is something that your employees must have. They must be trustworthy, generous, and willing to do more than their fair share. You can’t pick your eye color or what you look like but you can decide whether you will live as a person with integrity.

Warren Buffett’s formula for a new hire is extremely useful and easy to follow. You don’t want an intelligent person without integrity because that could cause problems for your organization. Further, you wouldn’t want a lazy person with intelligence because it wouldn’t do you any good if they don’t take initiative.

Look for candidates that have intelligence, energy or initiative, and integrity. You will find that individuals with these traits will be an outstanding addition to your company.

Warren Buffett is living proof that hiring with these things in mind is beneficial to companies and teams seeking to grow.

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