Exceptional Leaders are able to accurately assess themselves.

They are not in self-denial about either their strengths or their limitations.

They are open to feedback and set up systems to ensure that they have accurate information about themselves and their leadership effectiveness.

Armed with information about their strengths and weaknesses, they hire people to complement and strengthen their leadership competencies.

They also look for ways to enhance their leadership capability. They are in a continuous learning mode about themselves and the external world.

Thought Provoker

  • Do you really have a deep and clear understanding of your values?
  • Do you know how you are coming across in a particularly important situation?
  • Are you able to practice self-observance?
  • Have you ever asked a confidant to give you informal feedback about how you performed in a meeting?
  • Have you set up feedback systems, such as a 360-degree process to get feedback from others?
  • Are you on a path of development, knowing what you need to improve.

Exceptional Leaders take the time needed to make sure that they are coming across to others as they intend to. They capitalize on their strengths and build organizational support in areas that are more of a challenge for them.

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