Do your employees “get” and appreciate the benefits package that your company offers?  Statistics show that most employees don’t fully understand the value of what they have.

Companies should educate their staff about their benefits.  How quickly they forget orientation day!  They were most likely too nervous to comprehend what you told them anyway.

One thing is for sure, you want to continuously market your benefits package to your team.  The goal is for them to feel the value that they have received.  You want their continual buy in.

Steps to increase benefit engagement include:

  1. Orientation…What comes next?

After day 1, your new employee will be in all out training mode.  Be sure to follow up on the benefits package.  How?  Create an attractively laid out marketing piece that will allow for a clean, concise summation.  Plan to email it and hand deliver it to their desk / department.

  1. Involve the family

Your employee may not process the info as well as perhaps their spouse.  Consider a meeting, dinner, a meet and greet or some other type of session where questions can be answered.

The bottom line is that you want the “family” to see the value that you are offering too.  You don’t want your new hire to jump ship because the grass seems greener on the other side.

  1. Q & A

Offer a question and answer session where new hires can meet with upper management to find out more info about the company, benefits and any other lingering curiosities that may have crept in their minds since day one.

  1. Email Newsletter

Utilize your company emails to mention and explain the company’s benefit package.  Include tips on how to be sure they maximize their benefits.

Take the opportunity to occasionally reiterate the many great facets of your outstanding benefits package.  Keep the info in the forefront of their minds and they will be reminded of the value.

The key to benefit engagement strategies is to market, market, market your outstanding package to your staff.  Be sure to continue to tell your employees what you’ve “done for them lately.”

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