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Are you missing this important step?

It may seem obvious but interviewing requires planning and preparation.  As part of your interview preparation we suggest to candidates to research the company and check YouTube.

Follow these steps:

  • View the company web site.
  • Check the interviewers profile on LinkedIn.
  • Rview them on Glassdoor.
  • Review the company annual report.
  • Look for videos.YouTube

Companies are investing in their YouTube presence. They are creating short informational videos to describe who they are and what they do, who they serve and why they should be chosen.  If you fail to check YouTube, you may be missing a critical source of information.

Recently, I had 2 candidates eliminated because they could not articulate to the interviewer what the company did accurately enough to give the hiring manger confidence in the candidate.

So, to stay current and in the game, be sure to check out your potential employers YouTube page!

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